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We want to take this opportunity to say that we certainly don't expect each family to feel obligated to participate in each fundraiser as that becomes overwhelming, but pick the ones that you feel work for your family and friends. We will continue to seek out new and exciting opportunities to help us meet our goals and encourage anyone who is interested in helping out to join us in the fall! "Many hands make light work."

Thank you from

FSE Parent Council and Parent Society

We have an ongoing fundraiser called "Mabel's Labels; Labels for the Stuff Kids Lose!"  Check out  to place your order and support our fundraiser.

All parents are invited to join us on the Fort Elementary Parent Council. Did you know:

1.  Any parents who attend meetings have a vote on any issues raised in meetings.

2.  We now have a "Room Rep" system in which parents are invited to represent their children's classrooms at our meetings.

3.  The Parent Council contributes not only financially (via the Parent Society, the fundraising arm of the Council), but also has a voice in school policy and procedures.

We are proud of our Council and ideally would like representation from every facet of our student body at every meeting. Please come and join us for our next meeting!

Meet our Parent Council

Parent Council Executive  
Chair Robyn Michaelchuk
Vice-Chair Caitlyn Zabrick
Secretary Nicole Way
Treasurer Angela Sime
Parent Society Executive  
Chair Robyn Michaelchuk
Vice-Chair Angela Sime
Secretary Nicole Way
Treasurer Caitlyn Zabrick        

If you are interested in joining Parent Council or volunteering at the school please contact the school.