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Family Day Assembly *PICTURES NEEDED*

On February 18th, FSE will hold a virtual Family Day Assembly centered on what family means to each of our students. We want to celebrate the diversity of all families. The Family Day Assembly will embrace the beautiful uniqueness within all of our families knowing that we all come in different shapes and sizes! We may have our school family, family sports teams, family at home, extended family, and so many more! 

FSE families are invited to email Ms. Mikulecky ( a family photo or short video reviewing a special family photo. Ms. Mikulecky is putting together a video collage of FSE family pictures to be shared only during our Family Day Assembly. All pictures and videos must be sent prior to Wednesday, February 9th.

If there are any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to Ms. Mikulecky. Thank you kindly!  

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